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When it’s time to see an eye doctor, you may be confounded by the choice of specialists. Who do you see? An ophthalmologist, optometrist, or optician?  A comprehensive ophthalmologist or a specialist?

Your choice will depend on many specific circumstances surrounding your eye health issues. Each of these professionals plays a crucial role in eye care, but there are major differences in what each does.

We Provide Care Focused on the Health of Your Eye

ophthalmologists in Sarasota and Bradenton FloridaAn optician will help correct your eyesight by designing, analyzing, and fitting eyeglass and contact lenses. They rely on optometrist or ophthalmologist prescriptions to do this—they cannot write glasses or contact lens prescriptions without the involvement of one of the other eye care professionals.

An optometrist is qualified to test eyesight and diagnose and treat eye diseases.  Optometrists are skilled in managing and treating many of the common conditions affecting eyesight.  However, these specialists are not medical doctors like ophthalmologists.

Every board-certified ophthalmologist has completed 8-10 years of post-collegiate education and training. This prolonged training equips us with techniques and skills for diagnosing and treating all forms of medical eye conditions, including those with important consequences for the rest of the body.

Our Ophthalmologists are Eye M.D.s

We are qualified eye MDs. Our day-to-day involves testing and treating all forms of eye disease, performing eye surgeries, and collaborating with other medical specialists.

We also spend a significant percentage of our time in scientific research to find the causes and better cures for eye problems.

Our most gratifying experience is to see our patients walk away from our clinic with restored eyesight. Medical eye care and treatment is both our responsibility and privilege. No other eye care specialist can get as deep into your medical or surgical eye problem as ophthalmologists.

Our most gratifying experience is to see our patients walk away from our clinic with restored eyesight.

– Dr. Thomas Shane, ophthalmologist and founder of Retina Care Consultants

Ophthalmic Treatments

We provide evaluation or treatment for:

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Ophthalmic Surgeries

We also provide a range of surgical procedures for:

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What We Do Differently

We See Beyond the Eyes

Your eyes can reveal much more about your overall wellness. Our specialty is in the eye, but our many years of medical training help us see how certain eye disease symptoms can be related to your overall health. When necessary, we’ll refer you for appropriate and early treatment.  In some cases, such are ocular melanoma or retinal artery occlusion, we can save your life.

We Find the Root Cause

We have a treasure chest of knowledge in eye health care that can be instrumental to forestalling blindness or partial vision loss. For example, we evaluate each patient’s risk based on factors such as genetics, cardiovascular status, or age.

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

Diet and lifestyle are very much connected to eye health. There is no eye health specialist better equipped to help you see than us. We can suggest personalized techniques for protecting your eyesight—these range from special foods to dietary supplements, exercise, and much more.

We See the Invisible

Many eye conditions and their causes remain unknown to this day. Thankfully ophthalmology is a practice rooted in deep research and continuous learning. Our networks include direct connections to the top eye institutes in the country.  We can perform advanced tests and diagnoses that inform more than what the symptoms show. Sometimes, conditions like glaucoma or ocular melanoma show no symptoms until it’s late.—a regular visit to an ophthalmologist is strongly advisable.

I am so happy to have found this office! Both of the doctors are kind and caring. The office is unhurried and efficient. It is a pleasure coming here. Doctors are the best!!!

Tracy Young, Google Review

Diabetes eye care

ophthalmologists for diabetic peopleAnyone with diabetes has a higher risk of eye diseases, including diabetic retinopathy, which damages the blood vessels in the back of the eyes. We have the tools, skills, and recommendations for better diabetes eye care—come in for regular checkups.

Pregnancy eye care

ophthalmologists for pregnant womenOur specialty involves treating many pregnant related eye conditions, including diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy.

An Experienced Ophthalmologist Leaves Nothing to Chance.

We have referral doctors and treatment strategies for all eye conditions, including glaucoma, which can become advanced without your awareness, and cataracts, which relentlessly progress throughout later adulthood.

There are also injuries, uveitis, and macular degeneration—you may go to see a physician or optometrist for these conditions, but they may simply send you to our clinic anyway.

The back of the eye is where the wonder and magic of eyesight happens – this is where you’ll find the retina, macula, and vitreous. Issues affecting the back of the eyes often require specialized knowledge and skills. Diagnosing and treating conditions such as macular degeneration and cancer of the eye should be left to us.

We Are the Top Retina Specialists Macular Degeneration SpecialistsEye Care Specialists in Sarasota, FL

Meet Our Ophthalmologists

Ophthalmologist Dr. Thomas Shane of Retina Care Consultants in Sarasota Florida
Meet Dr. Shane
Ophthalmologist Dr. Jonathan Brugger of Retina Care Consultants in Sarasota Florida
Meet Dr. Brugger

If you or a loved one are experiencing changes to your vision, you need to talk to a professional immediately so that it doesn’t get worse. Do not hesitate to call us today at (941) 351-1200. We can help you!

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What It Means to Be a Retina Specialist

We have received advanced training and skills in testing and treating retinal eye conditions. Unlike general ophthalmologists, we went in for another two years of vitreoretinal fellowship after residency.

We get referrals from general optometrists: We get referrals from optometrists and ophthalmologists when they discover eye diseases that affect the back of the eye. Many of our referral sources are also our patients!  You can come to us directly for retina care too. We leverage specialized expertise in vitreoretinal medicine to protect your eyesight.

We work with highly specialized tools: Retinal eye care is founded on innovation and research. We use breakthrough treatment techniques and approaches to successfully treat complex eye conditions for both children and adults.

We are the last line of defense: Diseases like macular degeneration, eye trauma, and retinal detachment can make you partially, if not wholly, blind. Our work is to ensure that this doesn’t happen. Your work is to schedule regular checkups or call us any time for emergency eye care.

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD): AMD doesn’t have to rob you of your central vision. Today we have treatments like anti-VEGF medication and eye vitamins that can fight back against macular degeneration.

Diabetic retinopathy: As retina eye specialists, we have successfully restored vision to many patients with diabetic retinopathy. It can be a tough fight, but we are well equipped with surgical skills, medicines, eye injections, and laser treatments.

Retinal detachments: No other doctor can fix retinal detachments.  This is a one of the most commonly performed procedures by retina specialists.

Macular holes: We offer various treatment options for macular holes. Macular holes are gaps that form in the light-sensing part of the retina. Treatment includes medications, eye injections, and surgery.

Today ophthalmologists specialized in retina disease can successfully treat eye conditions that made many blind in the past. It’s a wonderful time to be alive. If you would like to experience the rewarding benefits of medical eye care, call us at (941) 351-1200 or Contact Us Today!