There are a few common causes of eye floaters and they can be frustrating and alarming to people who experience them. These spots may look like threads, cobwebs, or black specks that appear to drift about or dart when you focus on them directly. For care and treatment of eye floaters and other retina conditions in Sarasota, call Retina Care Consultants, P.A. at (941) 351-1200.

Eye Floaters Symptoms

Eye floaters most often appear on the sides of your vision and typically drift, casting little shadows on your retina. You might not notice them initially, but over time they can creep into your field of vision and make the appearance of a cloud, a floating island, or a shapeless blob. They can appear as:

  • Rings or cobwebs
  • Strands of see-through threads
  • Gray dots
  • Squiggly lines

Sometimes they’re slow and steady. Sometimes they’re briefer and rapid.

What Causes Eye Floaters


Aging is one of the more common causes of eye floaters. As you age, the ‘jelly’ that helps fill your eyeball changes. Eventually, it starts to thin out and liquefy, pulling further away from the eyeball’s interior surface. The liquid stuff clumps together, forming ever-larger collections of debris within the liquid.

Since liquids take up more space than solids, this added pressure pushes the eye’s lens forward and makes it bulge out a bit. With less space for all that eye tissue behind it, your lens bends light differently than it used to, which casts shadows that appear as floaters.


Posterior uveitis is a disorder of the eye in which there is inflammation in the uvea part of the eye, located on the backside. Floaters may directly result from inflammatory debris forming in the vitreous fluid, which comprises about two-thirds of the volume of our eyes. Posterior uveitis can occur as a result of inflammatory diseases, infections, or cancer.


Bleeding is noted as one of the common causes of eye floaters as several factors can cause blood to pass through to the vitreous, including hypertension, diabetes, clogged blood vessels, or trauma. The blood cells appear as floaters.

Retinal Tears

Retinal tears and retinal detachments occur when tension from the vitreous causes the retina to detach from the back of the eye. Under normal, healthy conditions, fluid may accumulate on top of the retina but usually doesn’t cause any problems.

However, when liquid accumulates underneath the retina, a retinal detachment takes place. This condition can be very serious because it usually results in central permanent and severe vision loss if not properly treated.

Can Stress Cause Eye Floaters?

People with high-stress levels may notice increased eye floaters, but stress doesn’t cause eye floaters in itself.

Does Too Much Screentime Cause Eye, Floaters?

Do you spend many hours on a computer or phone without enough visual breaks? Prolonged screentime can stress the eyes through the effects of bright or blue light, but it will not produce more eye floaters. However, floaters may be more noticeable when staring at a bright screen or background.

Can High Blood Pressure Cause Floaters?

Yes, high blood pressure can be a trigger for eye floaters. This is because higher blood pressure may lead to bleeding into the retina or vitreous jelly. While blood does not directly harm the vitreous jelly, it can block the light from striking the retina, seriously limiting vision.

High blood pressure can also trigger other vision-threatening eye conditions, so it’s important to find out if they are the cause of your eye floaters to implement comprehensive medical precautions.

How Are Eye Floaters Diagnosed?

Your retina doctor will ask you to describe your symptoms and may perform an imaging test to see if you have signs of eye floaters. The retinal imaging test is a special way of observing the floaters as they swim past your vision.

The ophthalmologist may ask you to follow his finger with your eyes as he moves it through the field of vision. After you do that, your doctor may use special tools to photograph the retina at various points around your eyes.

How Do You Know You Have Vitreous Floaters?

Do you see tiny dark shadows that look like hairs or clouds when you look at a bright background? Anything that drifts past your vision is indicative of floaters.

What Are the Medications for Eye Floaters?

Eye floaters typically get better without treatment. But if they are bothersome or cause you to see things that are not there, contact your eye doctor. While there are no drops to improve eye floaters, laser or surgery are possible treatments for severe or persistent floaters.

What Are the Surgeries for Eye Floaters?

The most common surgery for eye floaters is called vitrectomy. In this procedure, the vitreous is removed, eliminating all floaters.

If the floaters are caused by other conditions such as diabetic retinopathy, you may need intervention by your eye doctor. Sometimes lasers, eye injections, or surgeries are required to correct the situation. What is the importance of this condition? Being able to see clearly is a basic human need and is vital for daily life.

Seek Eye Floater Treatment with the Best Local Ophthalmologists

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