Floaters and Flashes

Floaters are a common symptom in adult patients. Floaters may appear as mobile dark spots, wavy lines, or spider webs in the vision. Most floaters occur due to age-related changes in the jelly (a.k.a. vitreous) within the eye.

Sudden onset of floaters or flashes of light may indicate that a tear or detachment has developed in the retina. These conditions are considered eye emergencies, and patients with sudden onset of floaters or flashes should seek a prompt dilated examination with an ophthalmologist. This exam may involve photographs or other specialized imaging tests of the retina. There are effective treatments for conditions that cause floaters and flashes, so don’t delay your appointment if you are experiencing these symptoms.

Retina Care Consultants, P.A., is specialized in managing floaters and flashes. For more information regarding floaters and flashes, please visit the American Academy of Ophthalmology patient information website: http://www.asrs.org/patients/retinal-diseases/9/posterior-vitreous-detachment or click on links to articles written by Dr. Shane below.

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